Image courtesy of Peter S. John.

Image courtesy of Peter S. John.


I am an artist and freelance photographer based in Los Angeles, California. Since 2016, I have been largely focused on the myriad personal, political, and environmental complexities of the Southwest. More recently, I have also been pursuing a project based on my relationship to water as it manifested during my physical and emotional recovery from a serious injury.

Materially, I am interested in the ways that our relationships to the world are mediated by technology and technical media. Believing that technology must be understood not only as a tool, but as a material, I investigate mediation through photography, video, sound, music and software. Engaging critically with contemporary apparatuses, both technical and systemic, demonstrates their malleability as mediums of aesthetic expression. As an artist and a technologist, I manipulate sound, light, color and space in order to subvert the intended uses of mediating technologies.

My commercial portfolio can be found at BRIANMJOHN.LA.


Born 1986 in La Porte, Texas, raised in Austin. Moved to New York City in 2005, and discovered love and aptitude for creative and artistic projects. Worked with the Meerkat Media Collective on a variety of narrative and documentary film projects. Returned to Austin, Texas and enrolled at St. Edward's University, discovering a passion for photography, and making the most of a creatively and technically rigorous photography program. Received a BA in Photocommunications in 2013. Moved to Chicago in order to pursue an MFA at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC), completed in 2016. Began teaching college, pre-college and adult continuing education classes at the University of Illinois at Chicago and at SAIC. In 2018, relocated to Los Angeles, California.